Our Summer Musical, 101 Dalmatians, was an amazing success! Students performed three shows on Thursday, July 13 in the VMS Cultural Center. At each of the performances, our dalmatian actors posted donation baskets for the East Bay SPCA  in hopes of raising money for animals in need. Thank you to all who attended for your generosity in helping them raise $462 for this very worthy cause. The staff and animals at the SPCA were very grateful and our campers were thrilled to be able to make this contribution for local animals.

Now for some photos of the show!

Check out our Facebook page to see a video clip of the finale!

Here are links to each of the songs:

Dalmatian Congo

Thunderbolt Adventure Hour

Cruella DeVil

Cruella’s Scheme

Kanine Krunchies

Kanine Krunchies Reprise

The Fur Vault

Twilight Bark

My Beautiful Coat

The Chase

Bow Wows

Dalmatian Plantation and Finale



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