Saturday, November 16, 2019

Here are some comments we received from attendees of the workshop:

“…The Journey is a real gift to parents. It brought us even more joy and excitement about our children’s education at Valley. Getting to see not only the  attraction and organization of the classroom, but also the enthusiasm and professionalism of the teachers was the most powerful testament to the great education the school provides. Thank you again for this invaluable opportunity. ”

“Thank you and all the staff who prepared for and So successfully conducted this wonderful experience. Everyone from VMS was so friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming that we felt “right at home” the whole time.  … we had the opportunity to “get it”—that infectious “good, glow-y feeling”—and we both discussed various aspects of our experience throughout the rest of the day. Both of us truly enjoyed exploring the lessons, observing the teachers’ approach to us as “students”, and the array of feelings evoked.  That positive energy existed in Every classroom we visited…”




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