VMS aligns with the Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) regarding all public health matters.

Following are the recommendations from the ACPHD regarding Covid, RSV, Flu and other respiratory illness.
Please contact your Program Director if your child tests positive for Covid.

What should I do if my child has cold/flu-like symptoms or tests positive for Covid?
• Stay home while sick.
• Return to school when fever-free for 24 hours (without the use of fever reducing medication) AND symptoms are not present, or are mild and improving. A negative Covid test is NOT required.
• If fever is present, continue to stay home until fever has resolved for at least 24 hours (without the use of fever-reducing medications). 
• If other symptoms are not resolving, continue to stay home until symptoms are resolving.
• Wear a well-fitting mask indoors for a total of 10 days to protect individuals at high risk.

Covid-19 Exposure Recommendations: What should I do if my child is exposed to someone with Covid?
Test if child becomes symptomatic.
• Wear a well-fitting mask indoors for 10 days from last exposure to protect high risk individuals.

Mask Protocols:
To protect those in our community who are at high risk, the ACPHD recommends masks in public indoor spaces:
• For 10 days following exposure to someone with Covid.
• For 10 days following positive test or onset of symptoms*

* Masks can be removed before 10 days with 2 consecutive negative tests 24 hours apart.

For complete Covid-19 Guidance, see the Alameda County School Guidance.



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