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Early Childhood

Welcome to Music (:55) https://youtu.be/BSBBI33uDq4

Take A Deep Breath/Peace, Love and Thank You (1:07) https://youtu.be/sKZnwHIWJtM

Good Morning, How Are You? (:49) https://youtu.be/B1y4syBUg84

Colors (3:55) https://youtu.be/C9PMA5z5uPE

Come On Everybody, Clap Your Hands (1:38) https://youtu.be/pTP7Qzv1HjY

Form, Form, Form Form Banana (2:07) https://youtu.be/_FvXORbWA5E

Hokey Pokey (2:20) https://youtu.be/_DUf5BtPHJg

I Send My Love (2:03) https://youtu.be/KlJFvD1uJx4

Itsy Bitsy Spider (:32) https://youtu.be/fY7NwEhWlPs

Old McDonald Had A Farm (2:38) https://youtu.be/vCUk7OENrus

Rolly Poley Pumpkin (1:20) https://youtu.be/IW4hDYwn6ho

Shake Our Shakies Out (1:48) https://youtu.be/MGbUWqp-4rs

What Can We Do Today? (3:41) https://youtu.be/1rjlzozXZho

The Wheels On The Bus (2:26) https://youtu.be/6_0JOew7qbc

Do You Know the Snowman? (2:37) https://youtu.be/1GpiIWUhORM

I Love Myself So Much (2:12) https://youtu.be/tbdO-kAmPjU

If All of the Raindrops (3:20) https://youtu.be/5uCCWQ9R7lQ

This Little Light of Mine (2:01) https://youtu.be/kSnD2hAEunk

This Old Man (3:17) https://youtu.be/kjrAY3vbRDk

Twinkle Twinkle/ABC/Baa Baa Black Sheep (1:58) https://youtu.be/eI5UAEsA_uo

You Are My Sunshine (1:38) https://youtu.be/56Jo_vBAwo0


Primary Botany:

Garden Song (Inch By Inch) https://youtu.be/WgRBzNPmUsg

The Green Grass Grows All Around  https://youtu.be/fkbUoDZ4olI

My Roots Go Down  https://youtu.be/Z9nPH5tigd0


UN Day SingaLong Songs

Funga Alafia (1:40) https://youtu.be/tUS4k-mXpLw

Get Together (3:05) https://youtu.be/QBaytciG1co

Hello To All The Children Of The World (1:46) https://youtu.be/h1YcQQcwUnY

I Love Myself So Much (2:08) https://youtu.be/C6MFAfm_JFI

I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing (2:02) https://youtu.be/kT2YDjDhcAE

Imagine (3:02) https://youtu.be/h4YphorR00c

Light A Candle For Peace (1:45) https://youtu.be/5xlBCuk7d6o

Put A Little Love In Your Heart (3:02) https://youtu.be/XApzjHCcUM0

Under One Sky (2:10) https://youtu.be/75D2wqGsjCY

When The Lights All Shine (2:58) https://youtu.be/cPLGYkmMFIQ


Recorder Play Along Songs

Banana Smoothie B A G Play Along Recorder (2:10) https://youtu.be/wE_UjbhgsPc

Blueberry Waltz B A G Play Along Recorder (1:36) https://youtu.be/H_CpImZQMAQ

Ode to Joy B A G C D Low D Play Along Recorder (4:42) https://youtu.be/7veVvBPnTZk

Old Town Road B A G Low E Play Along Recorder (2:13) https://youtu.be/05wNJTt9kuA

When the Saints Go Marching In B A G C D Play Along Recorder (3:41) https://youtu.be/VdgUP7ddmEA


Ukulele Play Along Songs

Aloha ‘Oe  F C G7 C7 Ukulele Play Along (3:13) https://youtu.be/lRJ2yZOFkww

Don’t Worry Be Happy C Dm F Ukulele Play Along (3:52) https://youtu.be/3SwGZwEKQl0

Island Style C F G7 C7 Ukulele Play Along (2:31) https://youtu.be/3fR1tC_otdo

Rainbow C F G Am Em E7 Ukulele Play Along (3:33) https://youtu.be/n_zBefZG2xg

Three Birds C F G7 Ukulele Play Along (3:20) https://youtu.be/nOk_eAY6dUU


Ukulele Guitar SingaLong PlayaLong Songs

Tune Your Ukulele – Jack Quigley https://youtu.be/iwJ2Yjx4NuA

We Shall Overcome – Jack Quigley https://youtu.be/l6R_LK3xX-o

Are You Sleeping?/Frere Jacques – Jack Quigley https://youtu.be/gdkEZaOohaY

Skip to my Lou – Jack Quigley https://youtu.be/CFdiH0e5p-c

Kookaburra – Jack Quigley https://youtu.be/x9txcjaE9x4

Ukulele (Oo koo lay lay) – Jack Quigley https://youtu.be/ftWCOKNPDDA

Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop – Jack Quigley https://youtu.be/7XL9yrrcwyM

Zum Gali Gali – Jack Quigley https://youtu.be/A4vB3InTPQI

Cockles and Mussels – Jack Quigley https://youtu.be/obHjc3BpRM8

Eleanor Rigby – Jack Quigley https://youtu.be/2N9bWEpDTfw

Hukilau – Jack Quigley https://youtu.be/zfMSPbbyKRM

Simple Gifts – Jack Quigley https://youtu.be/lO_e91o5qLk


Create Songs with Virtual Instruments

Chrome Music Lab and a Song Maker page:


Another from Chrome Lab. https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/Experiments


Here’s a site where students who already know how to play an instrument can take a lesson, learn a song, etc. http://jamzone.littlekidsrock.org/





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