Hello Families of My Wonderful Chestnut, Olive, Walnut and Pine Students!     

Week of June 15End of the Year Reflection 

I hope you are all doing well! It is amazing that we are already at the end of our school year. Because this is the last lesson of the year, I am going to be assigning the same lesson to all levels at VMS, 1st graders thru 8th graders. I hope you can use this as a way to reflect on this school year and your journey, celebrating all of your accomplishments and reveling in the fun activities throughout the year, even during these times of transition. 

Project: Reflection 

  1. You will need a piece of white paper. As always, think about the materials you want to use for this project as it is totally up to you (paints, watercolors, colored pencils, markers, crayons, etc.). If you are choosing to incorporate some painting in this final project, be sure to pick thicker paper that will be able to support the use of water. 
  2. Using a pencil, trace your hand and wrist on the paper. If your paper is really big, and your hand is tiny, you might want to crop your paper (cut it to a smaller size). 
  3. Then draw a frame on your paper, framing in your hand. Your frame can be made of any kind of lines that follow the shape of the outside shape of the paper; they can be straight, wiggly, jagged, etc.
  4. Use a black sharpie to go over your lines.
  5. In the framed in space behind and around your hand, you are going to do some writing. This is the reflective part of the project. I want you write about this school year. What were some of the high points? What were your favorite activities/projects? This writing can be however you want it to be! It can be a list or complete sentences. It can be written in a creative way, like a spiral.
  6. Now you need to fill your hand and wrist up with color. Fill it with images that showcase activities from this year. What was your favorite game in PE? What was your favorite lunch? Maybe you want to draw a picture of you friends. Or your teachers. What patterns or symbols represent you? When you are done, you should have your hand all filled in with color. This will help set it off from the writing in the background (contrast).
  7. Color in your frame. Think about what color or colors would complement the colors you used in your hand. 

I hope you enjoy this project. It saddens me so much that we are not able to spend time together in the Art Room! I hope you all have a great summer! Stay safe, and I look forward to next school year!!!!  




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