Foster a deep appreciation for the individual differences that bring value to our school community and empower each of us to serve as practitioners of peace, advocates for equity, and voices for positive change within the global community.


We welcome and celebrate a diverse community; one in which every individual’s unique identity is respected and valued.
We strive to eliminate barriers that would prevent personal growth,
including the children’s ability to reach their highest potential. Respect, kindness, and self-assessment are integral parts of the Montessori program and are essential to fulfilling our mission to educate the whole child and inspire a joyful pursuit of learning. We recognize our students as our future leaders who will embody and embrace diversity and inclusion sustaining the trajectory toward a more equitable world through their actions and influence on the hearts and minds of their peers and generations to come.


For every member of our school to feel seen, heard, safe, and valued.

  • Encourage honest conversations with varying perspectives to increase the experiences of inclusion and foster a sense of value and belonging for each individual in our community.
  • Commit to participation, personal accountability, and self-reflection on the path to creating and modeling a more equitable environment.
  • Strive to offer a curriculum that reflects the diverse nature of our local and global community including a commitment to social justice to disrupt the systems that marginalize individuals based on social identities.
  • Encourage our parents and the greater community to partner with us on this journey, embracing and encouraging the goals set forth.


The child is endowed with unknown powers, which can guide us to a radiant future. If what we really want is a new world, then education must take as its aim, the development of these hidden possibilities.
Maria Montessori


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