Primary Program: 3 – 6 Years

Our early childhood classrooms are designed to meet the ever changing needs of the three to six year old child. Beauty and order play important roles in creating the child size atmosphere which is carefully designed to encourage curiosity and a love for learning. Valley Montessori offers each child the opportunity:

  • To develop a solid academic foundation and desire for lifelong learning
  • To encourage independent decision making and problem solving skills
  • To become an integral member of the classroom community
  • To develop positive social, emotional and physical growth in a respectful environment

A typical day for a young student includes time when the class gathers together in a circle to sing songs, and learn about something new; perhaps the topic is dinosaurs or how to greet a friend with a handshake. Children in a primary Montessori classroom learn to maneuver about their classroom with confidence, exploring concepts in arithmetic, reading and writing, geography, science and activities of daily life such as preparing their own snack or washing dishes. Children learn skills in grace and courtesy, naturally caring and teaching each other, respecting the classroom activities and learning to clean up after themselves. Each school day includes active outside play time on our safe and child friendly play areas.

Music, Physical Education and Spanish are all part of the Primary program.

  • Jack Quigley our Music teacher incorporates movement, rhythm, songs, instruments and other elements of music.
  • Movement and motor control is a critical part of development for young children. Primary teachers offer a variety of opportunities for developing large motor skills including balance, motor planning, bilateral and eye hand coordination. These opportunities are reinforced in the classroom and playground daily.
  • Spanish is part of each Primary classroom. Children at this age are so eager to learn and take everything in like an absorbent sponge. Learning numbers, colors and songs in Spanish is the first step in gaining a foundation for the Spanish language. There are many additional opportunities within the primary curriculum to learn more Spanish vocabulary throughout the year.

Half day and full day schedules available. Half day students have the option to move to a full day schedule within the same classroom when they are ready.

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Learn more about the kindergarten year in a primary classroom by watching this video. Click below, to start.

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