The VMS Advantage


Authentic Montessori Philosophy
VMS is guided by the principles and techniques of Maria Montessori to deliver a rich, engaging learning environment. VMS is accredited by the American Montessori Society and adheres to authentic practices recommended by this organization.

The Child
VMS teachers guide children to self-discovery by embracing curiosity, creativity, and individual choice through meaningful work, so that they can realize their own unique journey.

Academic Excellence
VMS students are encouraged, empowered, and equipped to reach their highest potential.

VMS cultivates a harmonious environment of esteem, fairness and value for one-self, the classroom, the community and the world.

Building Community & Global Citizens
VMS fosters a deep sense of citizenship in the classroom that carries into family and beyond and develops ambassadors of positive change.

OUR TEACHERS – Exceptional Teachers / Co-Teaching Model

  • Valley Montessori teachers use a kind and respectful Montessori approach which addresses the intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of each child.
  • Our teachers are trained in Montessori principles and practices, and have completed an American Montessori Society (AMS) or Association Montessori International (AMI) credential.
  • Teachers work in teams of two or more, so at any given time a student has the benefit of close relationships with more than one teacher
  • Teachers working together collaborate on their approach to the learning needs of each individual student.


Valley Montessori School is the largest not-for-profit, and only triple accredited school in California. We are fully accredited by the:

  • American Montessori Society (AMS)
  • California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS)
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

Valley Montessori is a nationally recognized model of Montessori education, attracting the best and brightest educators and staff.



Valley Montessori School is a Certified California Green Business! We were certified in 2017 and re-certified in 2023. We are the only school in the Tri-Valley and just one of four Montessori schools in the state of California with this distinguished honor.

VMS Environmental Policy Statement
Valley Montessori School shall strive to incorporate sustainability into our core operations through internal and external efforts by adopting the following policies and practices:

  1. Conserve energy, water and natural resources throughout our operations
  2. Reduce waste through a Reduce, Reuse and Recycle ethic
  3. Prevent pollution through use of low toxic products and proper disposal
  4. Purchase environmentally preferable products
  5. Support our community in protecting, restoring, and cleaning up our natural environment


  • The Montessori curriculum is organized in a spiral of integrated studies that starts in the toddler program and continues through 8th grade. Real world concepts are introduced to very young children then revisited and reinforced in deeper ways as they grow. Materials that begin as sensorial tools for preschool children become three dimensional models that teach mathematical and scientific foundations to older students.
  • By growing up in our community, children take great pride in our school and in one another. Older students proudly serve as role models and ambassadors for the younger children. Likewise, the younger students look up to their older, more experienced peers and are happy to learn from them.
  • We foster strong bonds with our students and families providing parenting support throughout each child’s personal journey.


Located on a 6 acre hilltop overlooking the entire western half of the Livermore Valley, all of the VMS facilities have been constructed with the Montessori program in mind.

  • The 37, 000 sq. ft. main building was opened in 2002 and houses the Toddler, Primary, Lower and Upper Elementary levels of the school as well as Art and Music. It offers broad art-filled hallways and spacious classrooms that incorporate beauty and natural lighting for optimal learning. All classrooms lead to well-appointed outdoor play spaces and gardening beds.
  • The heart of the main building is our Cultural Center, a multi-purpose gathering place that often features, choral presentations, school musicals and school-wide events.
  • The 8,500 sq. ft. middle school building opened in fall 2010 and includes six classrooms and a half-court gymnasium.
  • Adjacent to the campus is a large public park used for outdoor PE classes and recess as well as school-wide community events.
  • Our Edible Schoolyard, engages all of our students in gardening projects that are integrated into the curriculum. The fresh vegetables and herbs in the garden, eggs from our sustainable chicken coop, and fruit from our orchard provide ingredients for classroom snacks and cooking experiences.


We, at Valley Montessori School, feel our strength lies in our tight-knit community. We are more than a school. We are a community with each member playing an important role in the lives of the children.

  • Children
  • Teachers
  • Parents and Families
  • Administrative Staff
  • Grandparents
  • Alumni
  • Board of Trustees

We host a variety of family events including our Annual Harvest Festival along with parenting workshops and socials to encourage families to get involved.

Our goal is to be a place where children and their families are:

Inspired to Learn. Empowered for Life.

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