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Spelling Strategies

In the Elementary program students will be learning spelling strategies. While practicing for a spell-check on Friday can be very motivating, the more important concept is to help students see and understand the patterns within words. We not only want them to learn to spell the words from the list, but also be able to recognize other words that follow that pattern and be able to spell those while we are engaged in writing tasks.

Some students will be able to spell the words verbally in the car as you are on your way to school and that will be enough practice. For other students, they are going to need to engage in the full writing process by writing those words or by writing those words in sentences. The following strategies will help in preparing your children to be good spellers.

Here is a test document (used to test and modify the documents without changing the links here). By the way, I have not locked down this page while we are testing. Also, am not too sure where this page should reside.. I currently have it under VMS Families.

Here is an overview of the Spelling Strategies

Spelling List by Level

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