Enrichment Program: Spanish Language

The Spanish program is an important part of our academic picture. We begin introducing Spanish to Primary students through songs, numbers, and colors. Children at this age are so eager to learn and absorb the information quickly. In the Lower Elementary program, the goal is for the children to have fun with the language and develop a genuine love for it. They learn basic vocabulary, letters and sounds, some conversation and develop their awareness of Hispanic culture. As the children progress through the grades, the complexity and intensity of the instruction increases. In Upper Elementary, the students participate in Spanish twice a week and develop greater skills in conversation, reading, vocabulary and grammar.

In Middle School, students attend Spanish four times a week and develop a greater understanding of the Spanish language. Middle School Spanish is a two year program encompassing the elements of reading, writing and speaking the language. Our goal is to integrate and connect all three elements, working on projects, grammar, reading/comprehension and vocabulary. The Spanish program strives to follow the student’s sense of curiosity by creating an environment that allows the student to work independently. At the end of the student’s middle school year she/he is prepared to transition into High School and into a second language.

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